Installation Process

Friday, April 28 – Tuesday, May 2     Started with laying origami out on the floor to see the placement of the birds. Trying to figure out the placement of the curtain. Will diagonally across work better than horizontally across? Will the monitor work better on a shelf or pedestal? Trying to figure out […]


During my meeting with Inna the past week she asked me to think about how I could expand on this idea of origami and mental health after the class has finished. How could I expand this project later on down the road? For me, origami is soothing. I have to think about the folds I’m […]

Feeling Anxious

I can’t really pinpoint when my anxiety started. All I know is that when I was diagnosed with generalized and social anxiety during my freshman year of college how I felt in certain situations¬†began to make sense. My parents would always just say that I’m shy and that I need to break out of my […]