History of the Web

The web is something that we use just about everyday and we usually do not give it a second thought. But this technology was exactly what Tim Berners-Lee was thinking about in 1989 when he thought up, and proposed the idea of the Wold Wide Web. He got the idea after working at CERN, a lab near Geneva, Switzerland. He saw that the other scientists that where working there would go back to their labs all over the world and would have a hard time sharing their data and results. He saw a way to make it easier for this to happen through the connection of millions of computers through the internet.

He had proposed the idea of the World Wide Web to his management at CERN and in it he explained how certain technologies would make the internet accessible and useful to people. Berners-Lee wanted to make this easy for everyone to use so that information can be shared and accessed easily. This initial proposal was not immediately accepted.

However by 1990 he had specified some fundamental technologies that we still use today; HTML, URI, and HTTP. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the publishing format for the Web. It allows the formatting of documents and linking to other documents. URI or Uniform Resource Identifier is like an “address” that is unique to each resource. HTTP also known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol is what allows for the retrieval of linked resources across the Web.

By 1991 people outside of CERN joined the new Web community and in 1993 it was announced that this technology would be available for anyone to use. This would help the Web grow.

Because Berners-Lee wanted to solved this problem of not being able to share information he created something that was able to do that and it evolved into what we use today. It opened up this door for others to create and build upon what has already been made. Different browsers where created and websites that allowed for different kinds of sharing started to emerge.

The Web allows for us to share what our days were like, or keep others updated on a project we’re working on minute by minute. And while we’re sharing and updating we can be doing this with family that live right down the road or miles away. We’re connecting with and updating other all around the world and we’re doing this in a matter of minuets. The Web allows for us to gather information on just about anything we could possibly want.





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