Techniques for Strong Web Design

When designing a web site there is really no right or wrong way, but there are some dos and don’ts that should be kept in mind.

When designing the page in general you should put all of the important information near the top of the screen. This is because a lot people base their opinion on the first impression of a site. You should also break up the elements of the site into several pages. Long web pages make it harder for people to read because they have a hard time finding their place. Along with this you shouldn’t include a lot of animations. They can be distracting on pages where you have important information to give and some people just find them annoying.

There are some other dos and don’t for formatting text, graphics, and the overall aesthetic of the site. For example you should always proofread your site and make the structure of your information clear by giving similar elements the same treatment and giving important elements more weight. Doing this makes the site easier to navigate at a glance.

When adding graphics to your site you should make sure that they don’t have a halo around them; halos make the site look sloppy. You should also add alternative text to graphics because it makes your site more accessible to a larger audience. It also means that this text will show up incase an image doesn’t load on the page.

Another thing that shouldn’t be done is center align everything on the page because it makes the content difficult to read. Mixing alignments can also make the page difficult to read and navigate because the reader’s eyes will have to jump all over the page. You also shouldn’t use too many colors or wild tiled background patterns. These things can make it hard to read information.

Well Designed Sites

Ode to Things : This site has a very simple and clean look. All of the important information, the site name and links to other pages, is at the top of the page. It also has several pages and this allows for easier reading of the page because not all of the information is on one page; it had been broken up. The text is simple and easy to read as well as the graphics.

The Capital : This website also has a very clean look to it. There are only a few colors used and the alignment of the information and links on the pages make it easy to navigate and read. All of the information is also separated into several pages making the pages easier to read.

Poorly Designed Sites

All Time Low: The website for the band All Time Low could be designed a little bit better. There is a lot of information on only one page. There are several things being shown on the site at once like tour information, contests, and album information. All of these things could be separated into different pages that would allow for easier reading of all the information being presented.

Never Shout Never : The website for the band Never Shout Never is visually cluttered. On the home page there are several news posts contained in their own boxes and these boxes are all various heights depending on the contents. These boxes aren’t aligned and this causes the content to be hard to read because the eye jumps all over the place.


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