My Internship: My Work

Project One: Order form Templates  For this piece I had to design order form templates that would be used by teams to order customized apparel. I had decided to design both portrait and landscape versions with different product amounts. While designing these templates I ran into a couple of problems and the main one was making […]

My Internship: Design Process

A big portion of the work at Bricktop Custom Apparel and Design is designing work that will be screen printed. Now I have taken a class on screen printing where the focus was more on the traditional way to screen print, but I was pretty unfamiliar with how modern screen printing worked. Because of this there was […]

My Internship: Time Management

While working at my internship I learned that time management is incredibly important. Especially when you are running your own business. When you work for yourself you don’t have anyone else to constantly remind you that you need to get a project done. You need to be organized and on top of projects and deadlines. […]