My Internship: Design Process

A big portion of the work at Bricktop Custom Apparel and Design is designing work that will be screen printed. Now I have taken a class on screen printing where the focus was more on the traditional way to screen print, but I was pretty unfamiliar with how modern screen printing worked. Because of this there was an opportunity to learn something new about a process that I enjoy doing.

Because a lot of the work that is being done is either going to be screen printed, embroidered or both I had to learn a whole new design process. I have learned how to pull back and edit my designs so that they will appear clear and easy to understand when printed or embroidered. With screen printing and embroidery small text and fine details can be hard to produce and end up illegible, squished, or like it does not belong in the design.

I’ve learned that I need to design in a simplified way that still gets the message across. I’ve also learned how to design with a limited color palette because the more colors you have in screen printing means the more layers you have to print, which means that it will cost more to print. Another thing I have learned to do in my design process is to ask a lot of questions. Ask every question that you can think of; what color does the client want the text to be? How many colors do they want in the design? What type of typeface do they want? Do they want all caps? You want to gather as much information from the client as you can to make your design time more efficient and present a finished product to your customer in a timely fashion.


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