My Internship: My Work

Project One: Order form Templates 

For this piece I had to design order form templates that would be used by teams to order customized apparel. I had decided to design both portrait and landscape versions with different product amounts.

While designing these templates I ran into a couple of problems and the main one was making sure that the item information was clearly matched to where the item would be displayed. Because I was limited to 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper I had to be creative with how I organized each item. I think through this process I began to understand organization and hierarchy better. And I think that the final product was a success because the templates are easy to understand and will be easy to fill out as well as collect the information that is needed.

Project Two: Spirit Wear Site


For this project I was in charge of setting up an online store for Premier Soccer Club so that players and parents could order spirit wear. This website is essentially a step up from the order forms that I had been designing.

At the beginning of this project I researched several different e-commerce sites to see which ones would be the easiest ones to design and update. Deciding which one to use in the end was difficult because during the research process I found that each option had tools that the others didn’t that seemed like they would be helpful in setting up and running the spirit wear site. I realized I had to decide on what factors I was looking for were the most important. Those factors were that it had to be easy to upload new products and that the site had to be easy to navigate.  In the end GoDaddy’s e-commerce site was chosen because of how easy it is to upload new products and how easy the sites are to navigate.

While setting up the site I learned that it is important to do your research and set a list of requirements for yourself to help keep focused on what you are looking for. I also learned that it is best to acquire all the information that you will need to have on your site before you start to work on setting up the site. This will save a lot of time and keep you from possibly missing an important piece of information.

In the end I think that the site is successful. It is easy to navigate and it is easy to order the product you would like. The design of the site is simple and lets the customer know exactly what they can buy on this site.

Project Three: Cheer Camp Shirts

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.42.49 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.42.57 PM

Another project that I worked on was coming up with designs for Stembridge Colts’ cheer camp shirts. The team had wanted to continue to use their horseshoe logo in the new shirt design but they wanted it to be more “girly” because the majority of the people who were going to be wearing the shirts were girls between 5-14. They had also wanted the shirts to say “Practice is where champions are made.”

When I saw that they wanted the shirts to be “girly” I had no idea what exactly they had in mind. The fact that I knew very little about cheerleading and anything related made it a bit harder for me to choose a starting place. I decided to do a bit of research and looked up other cheer camp shirts. I noticed that a lot of them used multiple typefaces and that there was usually an image of a silhouette of a cheerleader, pompoms, megaphone or a combination of both. I wanted to do something a little different.

I wanted to do something a little different. With my limited knowledge of cheerleading I knew that bows are a big part of the overall look. Keeping this in mind I decided to create a bow element that could be placed in the design. I also wanted to use a script-y s typeface paired with a sans-serif to keep up with the “girly” element.

While designing I learned to just create. Not to edit my ideas before I even design them. I learned that it is better to just create several designs and ideas because this way you can see what is and is not working in the design. Being able to see this allows for you to edit your designs and come up with a strong composition.

In the end I came up with four different designs to choose from. I think that they are successful or can be with a little tweaking here and there. All the designs contain the original logo as well as the saying that the client wanted. They also incorporate the “girly” feeling that they wanted without it being over the top or too cliché.


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