My Internship: Not Just Designing

While at my internship I learned that for my supervisor it is more than just designing. There are days that he spends out on the road driving from location to location to help out his clients in whatever way he can.

My supervisor is the kind of person who cannot sit in an office every day of the week, he likes to get out and do other things related to the work that he does. This is the complete opposite of me, but I liked seeing a different side to how I usually see businesses being run.

He will drive to a location to personally drop off the screen printed shirts that the client had ordered or he will meet to pick up the items that they want to be screen printed. He told me is was all about the “hustle” and doing whatever he can to make the clients want to come back to him again with more work. Not only does he drop the final product off personally, he also often goes and personally picks up products from the printer or the embroider.

Seeing this side of the business I have learned that it is all about making connections with people. If you put in the extra effort and provide clients with services that other businesses do not provide then you can make connections with your clients.



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