My Internship: Time Management

While working at my internship I learned that time management is incredibly important. Especially when you are running your own business. When you work for yourself you don’t have anyone else to constantly remind you that you need to get a project done. You need to be organized and on top of projects and deadlines.

Adam has a lot of projects going on at once; whether it be a logo design, a color separation for screen printing, or apparel design he is working on something. While interning I have learned that his turn around time is quick to keep up with his competitors. Once he receives a project he sets to work on gathering ideas, sketches, color options, ect. to set the ball rolling.

It was a bit of a wake-up call for me because I am not used to working this quickly. I had to learn how to prioritize everything else I had going on in my life around these projects so that I could get to the end product as quickly as possible. Working this quickly has allowed for me to generate ideas more quickly as well as make sure I’m not over designing. I have learned how to reel in my ideas and only design what the customer is asking for.


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