My Internship: Exit Interview

When I started my internship I wasn’t 100% sure what I would be doing because I knew that there was a lot of apparel design involved but that was not the only thing that my supervisor did. As it turns out I was doing a little bit of everything; from designing camp t-shirts to large signs. While at my internship I did a lot of work that was new to me; like learning how to color separate designs for screen printing as well as learning the best way to go about designing work that was going to be screen printed.

While I was working I thought I was doing a good job, but getting the opinion of my supervisor was pretty important. I wanted to know if he thought I was doing as well as I thought I was and I wanted to know the areas where I could improve.

He said that overall I did a great job with absorbing large amounts of information and then applying it to my designs. He also said that I did well with listening to the needs of the desired outcome and creating designs using the information. But an area that I could improve on or just get more experience in would be creating more designs from start to finish, which I have to agree with.

In the end I also asked if he had any advice to give me to help me with design and keeping my work relevant. He said that I have to pay attention to my surroundings, that I need to know what is popular at the time. I should also spend time finding inspiration and designs that I like and let that help me with my designing.


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