Post-Internship Reflection

Going into my internship I knew I had the skills needed to complete the tasks that I would be given, but I knew that I would also be learning new skills and methods that would help me in the specific industry of apparel design. The communication design, typography, and silkscreen classes had provided me with some of the skills that I needed for this internship, but I also learned some other important skills.

I learned that organization and time management are crucial especially when you have quick turn around times. I had to learn how to keep all my information for each project organized as well as make sure that I was spending enough time on each project and not rushing just to get the project done.

I also learned what it is like to design specifically for screen printing or embroidery. When it comes to designing for these production methods you have to design more simply. You have to come at it with a more minimalist approach because some of the finer/smaller details may not show up or not look right. I saw this first hand when we went to go visit the embroidery shop. I think that seeing how these designs were being translated in this way helped me to better understand how I need to design for apparel.

Throughout this experience I learned a bit about the apparel industry and it made me want to look into it further because I think this may be an area that I would want to work in.


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