Identity Research

I believe that when it comes to personal branding and creating an identity for yourself you should make sure that you’re designing something memorable and that it is representative of you and the work that you do. Below I found examples of designers who have strong personal branding.

Amy Tan


Amy Tan does a good job of making her identity memorable. She has created a play on her name and then ties in the color tangerine throughout her website. She also uses handwritten elements throughout the site that reflect the hand-lettered stamps that you can find in the stamp sets she has designed.

Simone Capano


Simone Capano has created a logo for himself that is not only simple but memorable. The flourish in the center has and organic illustrative feel that is a good representation of his illustration work.

Melanie Daveid


Melanie Daveid has created a portfolio site that memorable and representative of what she does. She  had started out in the design field with illustration and she ties this in with the illustrations throughout the site. What makes herself memorable though is the illustration at the end of her site that transforms as you scroll.

Kristina Werner


Kristina Werner’s logo is simple; it’s her handwritten name that has been vectorized. It may be simple but it’s representative of the work that she does. She makes hand crafted cards that often feature her handwriting and she also designed stamp sets that feature sentiments in her hand writing. The identity that she has created for herself relates back to the work that she does.

Adam Elmakias


Adam Elmakias is a photographer that mainly deals with concert photography and he has created a personal identity that is memorable. He has a simple logo that combines his initials in a circle, but the way they are combined mirrors a camera lens cover. It is something simple that represents what he does.


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