Define | Analyze | Research Personal Capstone Theme


We all have to face disruptions in our lives; whether it be something that only affects one day or something that affects many. I want to focus on these disruptions that affect people’s lives on a daily basis. I want to showcase the different ways that someone may or may not try to cope/live with these disruptions.


Some of my goals for the semester are:

  • Play around with and create with materials that I don’t normally use.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. Move away from my first instinct and push myself to design/create outside of what I normally do.
  • Become more aware of how my mood influences my design.


For this journaling exercise, I thought about everyday disruptions that occur and what disruptions I have faced. As I was writing I realized that a really big disruption in my life is my anxiety. It’s no necessarily a bad thing, I just have to find ways to work with it and not let it totally control my life. This realization made me think about how everyone has a different way of dealing with these situations that interrupt their lives.

Rapid Visualization

For this exercise, I sketched out ideas of how I thought I could incorporate the many different ways that deal with my anxiety. For me, I try to find something to do that makes me focus solely on the task at hand, something that doesn’t allow my mind to wander. Making bracelets, writing out song lyrics, origami, and just playing around with watercolor are all things that allow me to focus on what I’m doing. I think that by using the things that are a product of my anxiety could be pretty interesting.


When it came to research I found myself looking into mental illness as a whole, and finding facts about it, but I also looked into anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are two mental illnesses that often go hand in hand, and there several different types of anxiety disorders. Anxiety can also be associated with OCD and PTSD.




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