Research and Prototyping

Research Outcomes

A few of my research sources are about mental health and creativity. I found some contrasting opinions on this topic. One of my sources, The Dark Side of Creativityused scientific studies to explain that creating and creativity may be linked to mental illness. The article described how some of the more well-known artists had suffered from a mental illness and out of that came the art that they produced. On the other hand, the second source, Creativity and Mental Illnessexplained how creativity and mental illness can share some of the same emotions but that it doesn’t necessarily mean that they go hand in hand. The feelings that come along with having a mental illness and the feelings that come from being creative may be the same, but they are not coming from the same place.

These sources made me think about whether or not my anxiety influences all the work that I create or if my creativity is something separate from my anxiety. They have made me really think about whether my anxiety has actually influenced my work and how I go about creating.


Ideas for beading.

I know that I want to incorporate beadwork somehow in my project and this is me trying to figure out how I want to present it. I prefer the random distancing and number of beads on the left to the full string on the right. I think this may be because the left feels more like how my mind works when I’m anxious. There are so many different thoughts shuffling through my head and I think about some things longer than others. The randomness of feels more like the random thoughts in my head.


These two prototypes were all about figuring out how I could possibly present my origami. The top photo with the pink cranes was all about simplicity. I wanted the focus to be on the origami. The bottom photo with the purple cranes was more about combining origami with beading. I think that the bottom prototype fits better with how I feel when I’m anxious. I’m always trying to do too many things at once, I can never seem to focus on just one thing. The top prototype is too simple to represent that. I think that incorporating the origami is important. Origami is one of the only things that gets my mind to focus on a single thing and calm down my thoughts.


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