Revised Project Proposal


Anxiety is something that I carry with me wherever I go, every day of my life. Focusing on anxiety, I want to explore the different ways to cope with it. I want to explore different non-destructive coping methods.

Presentation Reflection

I think that in my presentation I could have done a better job at explaining more of my research. I only mentioned three of my sources and I didn’t really explain how they helped guide me in my project. I was also told that my topic might be too personal, but I’m having a hard time moving away from that. I’m not too sure how to express how I cope without it being too personal. I think that if I was told before this point that it was too personal and that I should also be focusing on others and how they cope I might have had different deliverables to show.

I was also told that I should focus on visuals that show how others cope and to me, that feels like I’m moving away from this personal thing. But I can’t find the line between the two things. I think for me if I asked someone how they cope with whatever in their lives, mental illness or life changing event, I would feel like I might be asking them to open up about something that they don’t feel comfortable talking about. And that is something that I don’t want to do.

It was also mentioned that I should find a way to move away from crafty so that I can communicate something about the issue. Another comment was about trying to find a way to incorporate design into the project to move it away from this crafty thing. I think that I could combine these two things by designing little signs or information cards that give a definition of anxiety, some symptoms. I could also make something for coping and mention non-destructive ways that others cope.

But I feel that the only way that I can properly show how anxiety feels is to keep it personal. I only know what anxiety feels like to me, I can’t just assume this is how it feels for everyone. I believe that it will be more effective to express how I feel than trying to generalize it for everyone else.


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