Moving away from origami, I wanted to try to expand on how I could express my anxiety through another one of my coping methods. For me when I cope, I just have to be doing something with my hands. Painting is another one of my coping methods. I wanted to try to use this to express my anxiety.


I started out painting my go to thing, which I tend to refer to as ghosts. I’ve been painting/drawing them for years now because the repetition of the shape helps to calm me down. They also remind me of speech bubbles which is fitting because I tend to have a lot of thoughts swimming through my head battling for attention. Out of all of these thoughts, the “bad” ones tend to win out over the others.


I tried to expand on the whole “bad” or overwhelming thoughts idea. One of the things I like about watercolor is the transparency of it. I wanted to use this to my advantage by painting a lot of these ghost shapes to represent all the the thoughts in my head. The more positive, worry free thoughts I represented in color and then I used a grey color to paint the same shapes but larger to show that my anxious thoughts tend to be more dominating.


I also played around with the idea of adding text to the paintings. On the left I had the idea of using things that I tend to hear a lot in reguards to anxiety and anxious thoughts. On the right I incorporated some song lyrics because music is another one of the things that I use to cope.

For me I’m having a difficult time trying to express my anxiety. I think this is because half the time I don’t even know how to describe what it is I’m feeling, I just know that I’m worried all the time. I have to find a way to express this constant worry in a way that others can understand.


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