March 8: Resources, Prototypes, Research

In class, I started out with looking up different origami tutorials to try to move away from the cranes. I was looking at tutorials for different types of flowers and butterflies as well.


But after my one on one discussion, I began to look at a suggested artist, Yayoi Kusama. The majority of her work includes this repetition of dots. Her work comes across as psychedelic and whimsical, using bold colors and dots to create patterns and prints. The way she uses these dots come across as almost ritualistic.

I also decided to research the meaning behind origami cranes. Most of the sources were saying that they are seen as a symbol of healing, peace, and hope. And I think this relates back to what I’m doing. Becuase I use origami as a coping method for my anxiety, it’s almost like I’m using it to heal. It is also something that can be seen as ritualistic because it is my go-to for when I’m feeling anxious. It is something that is second nature to me.



After this bit of research, I began to just fold my origami paper to fold it. I wasn’t too worried about making anything in particular. I just wanted to see what I could come up with without the aid of instructions. I think that these shapes could possibly be something that I continue with to create some sort of texture or pattern out of.


I also had this idea to write out my anxious thoughts onto the origami paper, or whatever type of paper I end up using and then fold it up into whatever shape I end up with. I think that writing out these thoughts onto the thing that I use to cope with my anxiety can show how I channel my thoughts; how I’m taking all of my anxious energy and putting it into this act of folding paper into something that represents healing. If I do continue with this idea, I think that I will journal all of my anxious thoughts first and then only write one out per origami piece and then put all of these pieces into a container that can represent me and all of my anxious thoughts.





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