Making folds

Because cranes are my habitual object to fold, I wanted to try to move away from that. I tried three different techniques; one is more structured while the other two don’t necessarily have a reason for the folds.

Number One

For this method, I found a geometric template that allowed me to arrange the shapes in different configurations. The template called for making a hole in the back to allow for an easier construction of the shapes, but I think that it looked interesting. It reminded me of a window and I could use it as this window into my anxious thoughts. I also like how I can configure these shapes in different ways. It allows for some flexibility within the structure, which is something I find myself needing in my daily life. I need to always have things planned out, but at the same time, I need to be able to move things around when needed.

Number Two


For this method, I tried to create some curved folds. Creating these folds is tricky and I really couldn’t get the hang of it. And I don’t think that this method can help to show what my anxiety is like. This is too smooth and continuous. My anxiety is more like a jumbled mess. From the way that I become hyper-aware of certain things like the way I’m standing or how one wing of my eyeliner is just a little bit longer than the other, to how my thoughts jump all over the place from one topic to the next.

For me, my thoughts kind of jump from one thing to another without really following a train of thought. It’s kind of like going from point A to C, then to B and then back to A. I think that the curved folds can convey something linear when that’s really not how it is for me.

Number Three

With this method, I just folded the paper to see what I ended up with. It’s not that pretty, but I think that’s okay. My anxiety leads me to some not so pretty thoughts the majority of the time. I think that this method conveys my anxiety better than the second method. The folds aren’t that clean and they’re all over the place. It’s more reminiscent of my thoughts and what I go through on a daily basis.

I really do want to incorporate the thoughts that I have when I’m having a panic attack or when I’m feeling really anxious. I think haveing my thoughts out there in the open may help others understand. The majority of the time the things I think about aren’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but they still make me anxious.



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