Project Reflection

At the beginning of this process I was focused on trying to find a way to present my coping methods. This process started out with me wanting to show how I cope with my anxiety through origami and beadwork. I wanted to create something that used this origami and beadwork and try to show that it was a product of my anxiety. As the class progressed I tried to think about how I could still use origami in this project. Maybe I didn’t have to use paper cranes.

I knew that the mobile/curtain concept that I had wasn’t the best idea to represent my anxiety and how I cope with it. Maybe I didn’t have to use paper cranes. I tried to find different origami to use, but nothing was working out. I started to look into more geometric shapes and how they could be used to make this feeling that I have come to life.

Throughout this process, I started to realize that me folding paper when I was anxious was habitual. If I had paper in my hands I would fold it to try and relieve some of my anxiety. It gave me a single thing to focus my mind on. I could possibly turn this habit into a ritual, something that I do every day to try to reduce the anxiety that I feel.

At this point in time, I want to create a certain number of origami/folded pieces a day and either put them in a container or hang them on the wall to have this visual manifestation or product of my anxiety. I was also thinking about having a poster that has this pattern of whatever folded object I decide on to show how these things multiply. Or how they can multiply over time.

I know I still have a little bit more work to do to finalize what it is I actually want to do, but I still want to try to incorporate the origami/folded pieces that I made.


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