First Person Reasearch

The first person I talked to about my project was my faculty advisor, Inna Alesina. When I talked to her I was confused about what I should be doing because I was having a hard time trying to visually express my anxiety. I had a lot of ideas how to do it, but I didn’t know what idea was getting my feelings across the best. Inna agreed that the origami was an important part of expressing my anxiety, but she thought that I needed to go bigger. She suggested that I design a poster that would show how the origami that I make would multiply over time. She said that by showing how it multiples over time would give the audience a better understanding how my anxiety affects my life.

The other conversation I had was with my doctor. I decided to talk to her because I know I have a hard time verbalizing what my anxiety feels like. Whenever someone asks me I always end up telling them that I’m worried all the time, but it’s more than that. I wanted to ask her about methods that could help me verbalize what I feel because I think that this could help me find a way to create something that visually expresses how I feel.

After telling her about my project, I asked her if she could suggest anything that could help me express how I feel when I’m anxious. I feel like two of her suggestions would really benefit me. Her first suggestion was to sit down in a room without any distractions, close my eyes and remember how it feels for me when I have a panic attack. As I remember specific feelings, write them down. However my body physically reacts during this time, write it down. I shouldn’t worry about if it makes sense at first because I can go back and fix it up. She also suggested that I should journal about how I feel day to day with my anxiety so that I can see how it differentiates from when I have a panic attack. I really think that these methods will help me in identifying how I physically feel, and help me become more comfortable with sharing my feelings with others.


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