The work at the Graphic Design MFA MICA Grad Show covered a range of topics like mental health, music, political activism, the environment and much more.

One of the pieces that had an impact on me was the one titled “Paths.” I was like a choose your own adventure story game that consisted of multiple elements. There were playing cards, a video, an app where you could play the game, and a book that had different story lines in it. I think the main reason this had an impact on me what because of all the different parts that it had that came together in a very cohesive way. I really like how the elements of the work were sectioned off into three separate sections. I feel like it made it easier for the audience to understand each element because they are able to clearly focus on each section at a time.

This kind of helped me in reflecting on my own work. I knew that my work could possibly be broken up into different sections, but I wasn’t sure how. By seeing this, it gave me the idea of breaking up the process of my origami. I could have two or three parts. The start where I just have origami paper with my thoughts written on it, possibly a video of me folding the origami, and then a container full of the origami that I have folded.

Andy Warhol at the BMA

Another place that has helped me with reflecting on my own work was the Contemporary Wing of the BMA. Throughout the wing the artwork is placed with enough space in between each piece to give the viewer breathing room.


But there were two pieces that really caught my attention and they were Andy Warhol’s two Shadow pieces. The reason these two pieces caught my attention was because of how they were arranged on the wall. Instead of having them stacked on top of each other or hung side by side, they’re hung side by side but offset a little bit. This was something that I had never seen before, so I found it really interesting.

This could be something that I apply to my own work if I decide to display it in sections. I don’t necessarily need to stack the sections or have them hang/placed at the same height.


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