During my meeting with Inna the past week she asked me to think about how I could expand on this idea of origami and mental health after the class has finished. How could I expand this project later on down the road? For me, origami is soothing. I have to think about the folds I’m going to make, and I have to make sure that they are precise as possible. It makes me focus on something other than the anxious thoughts running through my head. In a way it is sort of like art therapy. I think that later on down the road I could develop something for school kids; something like a kit that provides them with information about mental health and nondestructive ways of coping with stress and mental illness. I think that having kits that provide them with information about mental illness with allow them to be more comfortable talking about it. I also think that providing them with nondestructive ways to cope like origami, journaling, painting, etc is really important because a lot of people self-medicate or cope in destructive ways. Giving them alternatives to drinking, drugs and other destructive ways is really important.

As for my project itself, I have been making a lot of origami. I have decided on a blue and green color palette with white, grey and black thrown in to balance it out. I’m mixing larger pieces with smaller ones to give a shift in scale and I’m also mixing pieces with and without text to add some more visual interest. I plan to have all of the origami strung and hanging in a window in the gallery. To go along with the folded origami I also plan on having pieces of origami paper on the wall next to the window. These pieces of paper will have some of my anxious thoughts written on them. I think that having the paper with my thoughts written on it will give the audience am understandingĀ of what makes me anxious. And then having the actual origami hung up will help with visualizing how often I am actually anxious.


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