The capstone class and project were some things that often left me feeling drained, confused and sometimes uninspired because I had never taken on a project of this scope before. But along the way, I acquired new skills that I can apply to other projects.

This project caused me to really look at my mental health and how I present myself to others. Throughout the process, I struggled with vocalizing my feelings and how I wanted others to perceive this project. This stemmed from the fact that I tend to keep to myself because I don’t want to burden others with my feelings, thoughts or ideas. This class began to bring me out of my shell. Through the interviews that we did and talking in small groups, I began to become more accustomed to talking about my work and my thought process behind it. I’m not that great at it now, I still stumble over ideas and articulating what I want to say, but this is something that I know I can improve and build on.

This entire process also made me realize that even though I come up with iterations, I don’t come up with as many as I could. I have learned to build off of an idea and expand it passed something that I think it should be so that I can come up with something that may be a little bit more creative. I think that this is something that has changed my design process and I can apply it to work that I do later on. Being able to come up with something outside of what it requested might lead to better ideas.

I also learned to research many different topics even if they don’t seem to be directly related to what you’re researching. Researching something that seems to be loosely related to your topic might actually be helpful later on with coming up with ideas. The research is there to help you develop your ideas and anything that you come across could be helpful in the end.

Overall I think that this class and this project were helpful in expanding some of my critical thinking skills as well as my research skills.


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